2017 Gold Award Ceremony



On Sunday, February 26, 2017, 3 Leaves Troop 29424 received the 2017 Council Young Women of Distinction Award for their Silver Award and Kirstina Rokholm received the Girl Scout Gold Award.

Council Young Women of Distinction have demonstrated extraordinary leadership, had a measurable and sustainable impact, and addressed a local challenge related to a national and/or global issue.

The Silver Award is the highest achievement in Girl Scouting for girls in sixth through eighth grade. Each awardee developed a Take Action project based around helping to improve their communities and the world, demonstrating that they are leaders who are organized, determined, and dedicated to improving the community.

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest honor a Girl Scout can earn.  Each candidate must complete a Gold Award Take Action Project demonstrating her ability to lead and resolve community issues in a meaningful way.  Each project can take years to complete and must total 80 hours or more of project work by the candidate.

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Our Savannah Heritage Journey!

IMG_1142We are troop 12539 and we wanted to share our exciting trip to Savannah with you!  We are now 6th grade Cadettes, but we began planning this trip early in 5th grade, as Juniors.  We wrote to the Juliette Gordon Low birthplace and they sent us a book called “Birthplace Bound” that gave us a lot of information about planning our visit.  We then broke into patrols and each group researched a different part of the trip, either restaurants, activities, hotels, or tour companies.

Once we gathered the information we voted on which activities we wanted to do while we were in Savannah in addition to the Birthplace tour.  We chose a dolphin cruise, a walking ghost tour, a trolley tour, a candy kitchen tour, and two famous restaurants – The Pirate’s House and The Lady and Sons.

We also decided to let a tour company make all our arrangements because this was less expensive than booking everything ourselves.IMG_1148

Remember – you will need to make a Birthplace tour reservation many months in advance, especially if you want to visit during a holiday or over the summer.  We chose Columbus Day weekend in October 2016 and made our reservation the April before.

IMG_1202 IMG_1240 IMG_1221We also decided what activities we wanted to do at the Birthplace.  There are several workshops to choose from that are included in the tour package for Girl Scouts.  Our troop voted on “Welcome to My Parlor,” which gave us an idea of what it was like to be a Girl Scout in the early 1900’s.  We also held a pinning ceremony in the courtyard of the Birthplace and spent some time in the gift shop.  The Birthplace visit, activity, and tour took about 3 hours.

IMG_1173  IMG_1160


We were very excited to see the Birthplace, which has become a Girl Scout Museum.  We learned a lot about “Daisy” that we didn’t know, and also got to see many of the items we had learned about in Girl Scouts, like the iron gates she designed and forged herself!  And many of her paintings and sculptures are on display, as well as her books.  The museum has created a new interactive room just for Girl Scouts with a lot of information and a scavenger hunt.


On our trolley tour we met Forest Gump, stopped at the cemetery to visit Juliette Gordon Lowe’s grave, and did some shopping along factor’s walk. IMG_1105 IMG_1071 IMG_1067IMG_1032


We really enjoyed the dolphin tour and watching them play in Savannah harbor.  And what can we say about the Candy Kitchen tour!  IMG_1388

They had every possible flavor of taffy and kind of candy you can imagine.    IMG_1407IMG_1424  IMG_1401

Even candy  crickets! 

We met a pirate at the Pirate’s House.IMG_1123

And had spooky fun on the ghost tour.

IMG_1341 IMG_1335

And the hotel was really nice, too.  We slept 5 in a room and a hot breakfast was included.  We did a lot and learned a lot over those three days.  We would recommend this trip to every Girl Scout!  But check the weather, Savannah is really steamy in the summer.

Peace Out Girl Scouts!

Troop 12539

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GLOBE Girl Scouts Break Meals on Wheels Record

In just two weeks, Brownie Troop 14565 collected more than 3,000 cans of food to benefit homebound seniors served by Meals On Wheels Atlanta (MOWA). This donation is the LARGEST canned food donation ever received in MOWA’s 49 year history. The 3rd grade troop has collected canned food for MOWA for three years and broke their previous donation record by over 1,000 extra cans.
“We are thankful for all [the GLOBE families] that contributed, and we should all be proud as we are helping a lot of seniors.” says Melanie Uetsuki, GLOBE parent and troop leader. “We are glad to remain MOWA’s top supporter!”
Pictured: Troop 14565 with Kari Morrison, MOWA Director of Volunteer Services (top), Melanie Uetsuki and Brownies with their donations